Red Squirrel in Humane Trap

SWAT Wildlife is celebrating the new year with a small victory. We had been dealing with this pesky red squirrel over the course of 4 days. This little guy had been held up in a local attic in Etobicoke and didn’t want to leave! We finally got him out but

Open Chimney Raccoon Removal Toronto

SWAT Wildlife was on call for a routine squirrel removal. While on a roof at a Downtown Toronto home we found an unexpected raccoon in an open chimney. The chimney had not previously been properly sealed with a special chimney cap that will not allow pesky animals to enter. This

Skunk Relocation In Nepean

Skunks are a huge nuisance in rural and urban areas and are often found living under decks and porches and frequently end up spraying family pets and small children. Most people don’t notice them until it’s too late and they have a real stink of a problem on their hands.

In Home Raccoon Removal Toronto

In this video the SWAT Wildlife team is hard at work removing a family of baby raccoons from old pot stove in a Toronto home. This was a tricky removal as we couldn’t access the raccoons from the outside of the house so we had to do an in-home removal.

Toronto Humane Opposume Removal

In this video we have a member of the SWAT Wildlife team releasing an opossum removed from a Toronto home. We keep Opossum in a quiet covered cage to allow them to stay calm during the relocation process – this big guy was a little disoriented from the whole experience

Toronto Baby Raccoon Rescue

Here we have a fairly young juvenile raccoon rescued from a Toronto home. This little guy was just rescued and is waiting for the rest of his brothers and sisters. There’s another 3 to 6 members of the family to go save. We always make sure to reunite all the

Removing Raccoon Trapped In Chimney

The SWAT Wildlife team is hard at work humanely removing a scared, angry Raccoon stuck in the chimney of a local Toronto home. She was a strong girl and put up a real fight against our snare. With some hard work and dedication we eventually got a hold of her