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What To Do When You Encounter Wildlife Pests In Your Home 

Mouse Eating Cheese

A wide variety of wildlife pests could find their way into your home. Some animals that love to nest on your property commonly include pigeons, raccoons, rats, and many other rodents. 

All of these animals typically enter your house through breaches in its structure. Whether this is a hole in the roof or an exposed drain, they figure out a way to get inside and start nesting. This is a problem as they may breed and then have babies, taking your home and making it their own. 

So, what do you do if you encounter wildlife pests in your home? Understanding the correct steps is essential, as you can end up being bothered when dealing with pests incorrectly. 

Don't Go Near The Animal

Wildlife pests are not pets. Remember, these wild animals live outside and have not been domesticated. If you see a neighbor's cat in your yard, it's usually safe to approach it as you know it's a domesticated animal. But, if you see a raccoon or any other animal in and around your home, keep your distance. 

There's no telling what could happen if you get too close. Some animals are friendly, but others may act out as a defense mechanism. This could mean they bite or scratch you, possibly transferring diseases into your blood simultaneously. 

It is better to be safe and sorry, so do not go near any wildlife pests you encounter! 

Attempt To Coax The Pest Outside

Please make no mistake about it; this is easier said than done. It's hard to try and coax a pest outside while simultaneously keeping your distance. However, there are a few easy things you can do that may have a surprising effect. 

For example, if there's an animal in your kitchen, try to lure it outside with some food. You could set a food trail for them to follow or throw one piece outside and open the door/window. 

Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to prod or forcibly direct the animal out of your home. Some people use broomsticks or long objects to stand back and poke the pest toward an open door or window. Yes, this might work, but it may also anger the pest and cause a reaction. Your best bet is to use food to lure them to an opening and hope they leave of their own accord. If they don't, do not try to force them out. 

Look For The Entry Point

How did the pest enter your home? If you have managed to lure them outside, you must ensure they don't come in again. Sometimes, the entry point is as simple as an open door. With the back door open, you were cooking, and something came right inside.

Other times, it could be an open window. In these scenarios, you now know that closing doors and windows while cooking is probably a smart idea. 

Moreover, there can be instances when a pest enters your home through exposed areas. This may be a crack or hole in the wall, a missing roof tile, or even your drainage system. Here, you should identify the entry point and try to cover it up. If you cannot do so, don't worry, the final point will help you. 

Contact A Professional Wildlife Pest Removal Service

At this point, you should've followed each of these steps. However, there's a chance that you will need extra help. If you can't get the pest out of your house without going near it - or you can't identify how it got in - your problem won't be solved. 

Instead, you need to contact a professional wildlife pest removal service. At Swat Wildlife, we can remove all sorts of wildlife pests. Hiring professional help is essential to guarantee that the pest is safely taken from your property and that your property is cleaned and protected from future pest invasions.

Pest removal professionals are highly experienced in handling wild animals and know the right humane methods to take them away. This ensures that your property is pest-free, the animals are unscathed, and the animals can happily live elsewhere. 

Contact us today to seek professional guidance if you have encountered a wildlife pest in your house.


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