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2 Raccoons Caught In 1 Cage

It’s not often we catch two raccoon in one trap! In this video we’ve captured two juvenile raccoon in the same trap – this is a pretty rare to happen when trapping raccoon, but not unheard of. Once we captured these guys we relocated them to a nearby safe area. They scurried off together into […]

Baby Raccoon Removed Through Roof

SWAT Wildlife is on the job once again. Today we were called in to address the issue a local Toronto homeowner faced with a family of raccoons who decided to make a home out of their roof. We retrieved 3 baby raccoons from inside a their roof with absolutely no

SWAT Wildlife The Movie

A SWAT Wildlife action thriller. We’re having some fun with I movie!

Small Bird Rescue

SWAT Wildlife flight school 101 excepting all new beginners.