Articles posted in October, 2015

Raccoon Climbs Down Ladder

In this video we have a ladder setup against the side of one of our clients house. We had to put a hole into their soffit as there was no attic access and we didn’t want to cut into their roof. Once we got had got the babies out of there all that was left […]

Opossum Snare Trap

Here we have the SWAT Wildlife team rolling up to our of our clients’ homes and preparing our snare and trap. Our client had a problem Opossum on their property that needed to be removed, they were concerned that it would wander in through their cat door and didn’t think that would be a fun […]

SWAT Sizzler – Toronto Animal Removal Reel

This is the SWAT Wildlife Sizzler! SWAT Wildlife is a team of Urban wildlife specialists located in Toronto, Ontario serving the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding. We’re focued on the humane removal of trapped animals, pests and more. All of our processes are as friendly to wildlife and the homes of our clients as possible. […]

Baby Raccoon Removed Through Roof

SWAT Wildlife is on the job once again. Today we were called in to address the issue a local Toronto homeowner faced with a family of raccoons who decided to make a home out of their roof. We retrieved 3 baby raccoons from inside a their roof with absolutely no attic access. This complicated matters, […]

Skunk Removal and Relocation

Did you know skunks communicate via scent marking? Males often discharge during mating season, creating a seriously smelly issue for homes and businesses alike. A local business in the Toronto area called us about a problem skunk. They needed it removed, and fast! Skunk control can be tricky. They contacted SWAT Wildlife to get in […]

Rescuing Raccoon Mother and Baby

In this video you’ll see a raccoon mother recently removed by SWAT. She’s concerned and trying to get her cubs to relocate them, pacing around and climbing the walls of the home in a panic. After we finished removing the family from the ceiling of a Toronto home we united them and then she takes […]

Raccoon Removal at Toronto Construction Site

This video features a very muddy pit and one scared raccoon! This poor guy was stuck in the dirt and debris at a local Toronto construction site. The guy was understandably scared, angry and dirty! He put up a fight getting out, but we carefully extracted the raccoon with a snare and dropped him into […]

Removing Rat in Toilet

Did you know it’s actually possible for rats to enter a home through sewer systems and plumbing in your home? It’s VERY rare; however it does happen. One of our customers discovered a large rat in their toilette one morning. We had a lot of difficulty in filming this video as it was a solo […]

Toronto Opossum Relocation

In this video, we have a baby opossum humanely captured at a home in East Toronto. Opossum are very nomadic critters and often move from place to place, never staying in a single place for too long. That’s if they don’t end up stuck in your chimney, attic, decks or other spaces vulnerable to wildlife. […]

Red Squirrel in Humane Trap

SWAT Wildlife is celebrating the new year with a small victory. We had been dealing with this pesky red squirrel over the course of 4 days. This little guy had been held up in a local attic in Etobicoke and didn’t want to leave! We finally got him out but he took some insulation with […]