Articles posted in May, 2013

SWAT Sizzler – Toronto Animal Removal Reel

This is the SWAT Wildlife Sizzler! SWAT Wildlife is a team of Urban wildlife specialists located in Toronto, Ontario serving the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding. We’re focued on the humane removal of trapped animals, pests and more. All of our processes are as friendly to wildlife and the homes

Angry Trapped Raccoon

Raccoon in a roof right before she was snared. For more of our humane animal removals, rescues and more subscribe to our channel, like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter or Google+ or check out our website at! For more information on how we can help

Raccoon Climbs Down Ladder

In this video we have a ladder setup against the side of one of our clients house. We had to put a hole into their soffit as there was no attic access and we didn’t want to cut into their roof. Once we got had got the babies out of

Opossum Snare Trap

Here we have the SWAT Wildlife team rolling up to our of our clients’ homes and preparing our snare and trap. Our client had a problem opossum on their property that needed to be removed, they were concerned that it would wander in through their cat door and didn’t think