Articles posted in March, 2013

Rescuing Raccoon Mother and Baby

In this video you’ll see a raccoon mother recently removed by SWAT. She’s concerned and trying to get her cubs to relocate them, pacing around and climbing the walls of the home in a panic. After we finished removing the family from the ceiling of a Toronto home we united

Raccoon Removal at Toronto Construction Site

This video features a very muddy pit and one scared raccoon! This poor guy was stuck in the dirt and debris at a local Toronto construction site. The guy was understandably scared, angry and dirty! He put up a fight getting out, but we carefully extracted the raccoon with a

Removing Rat in Toilet

Did you know it’s actually possible for rats to enter a home through sewer systems and plumbing in your home? It’s VERY rare; however it does happen. One of our customers discovered a large rat in their toilette one morning. We had a lot of difficulty in filming this video